JdTech Maintenance

"Lawn Maintenance Done Right"
*Since 2002*


All of our equipment is top of line commercial grade. They all get serviced on a weekly basis to ensure proper use, safety, and most of all to make a precision cut.

Our Traditional Lawn Service is: 

A Verbal Contract for one full year of service includes:
~Mowing of the property at right height for type of grass
~Weedeating around home, plants, mailboxes, and along fences 
~Edging of beds, driveways, and sidewalks
~Blowing of drive ways, sidewalks and any back walking path.

*Upon blowing we survey the entire lawn to ensure there was nothing missed and everything looks clean* 
Hedge Clipping can be added to your monthly service at an additional fee and are done the first mowing week of each month.

The amount of mows per year averages between 45-48.
Our average lawn service truly depends on the weather:
Our typical seasons is as followed during the months of:
March-October: On a weekly basis
November and Febuary: Slows to twice a month
December and January: Once a month. 

We do sod removal and installation. We have done serveral sod services. We ensure a clean finish, no debris and proper placement to ensure healthy growth.  During our first meeting. We typically discuss the area in which you would like replaced, sprinkler system, and types of shade/sunlight to ensure we get everything done throughly to ensure healthy implantation of your new yard.

Sprinkler Systems:
We have dones many repairs and installitions. No repair to big or small whether it be wiring issues, broken valves, sprinkler timer fail, to broken pipes or heads; We can handle it. We have done complete installations of sprinkler systems.  We also do monthly checkups on sprinkler systems for our customers. Those yards need water especially in this state. We can even reprogram timers when we get to much rain and we often teach home owners about their sprinklers system so they have full knowledge. 

We can do a wide variety of mulch types: Red Cypress, Cypress, Pine Bark, Rubber, Rock, Shell, Staws, Wood Chips.
All mulch we install is a minimum of 3" inches to provide accurate coverage. Mulching not only helps protect the roots of your plants, but can give your home some great curb appeal.

Pressure Washing:
Need the house clean, Driveway filthy, and how about those sidewalks. Lets get them clean. We can do all these area and more. We have specialized tools for each area to ensure a maximum clean and safety.

Landscaping and Bed Cleanups:
These can be anything from a neglected home, to overgrown plants, and even an under stated flower bed.  It's amazing how much of a difference it is have a beautifully done landscaping. The home looks instantly brighter, cleaner, and most of all impressive
Give us a Call to come home to the most beautiful house on the block... YOURS!
JdTech Maintenance: 813-997-1372 

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